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Murals/Backdrops on Wrinkle-Resistant material from Your Digital Photos and Images - includes FREE SHIPPING

Provide your own photo, logo or other digital image and we can professionally print it onto premium wrinkle-resistant fabric!

Find out the price for your project by entering the dimensions of your desired Mural below -- Price includes FREE SHIPPING. (Note: The material we use is on a roll 8ft. wide and 50 ft. long, so one dimension must be 8 ft. or less.)

After placing your order, send us your digital photo or image. Most image file formats are accepted (though .PDF is ideal.) Recommended file size is 300 dpi or higher, and no lower than 150 dpi (Example: For a 10 ft. x 8 ft. Backdrop or Mural, provide a 1 ft. 3" x 1ft. image at 1200 dpi, a 2 ft. 6" x 2 ft. image at 600 dpi, a 5 ft. x 4 ft. image at 300 dpi, or a 10 ft. x 8 ft. image at 150 dpi. Lower-quality images may be printed at your discretion, but please note that all sales are final.)

You can mail us your image on disk, or send it to us via the web using our Large File Sharing Service. For recipient address, please use: mail@horizonbackgrounds.com.
Questions? Call (206) 612-4878.

Please indicate if you will be sending us your image via the web or Postal mail in the "Comments" box at Checkout. Also let us know if you would like a pole-pocket sewn at the top (free of charge) for use with a backdrop stand. Order our Top-Selling Compact Deluxe Backdrop Stand Here.

Order Murals/Backdrops from Your Images (Max. 8 ft. in one dimension, up to 50 ft. in other dimension):

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